DDZynth 1.84

FFT, Granular, Wavetable ,Fm and Pm Sampler instrument, Vst, Vst3 for Windows and Vst & AU for Mac is available Now. 2 Sample slots to drug n drop or open with knob WAV files. scan true sample with mouse click, with right button smooth scan. On top in FFT processor with FFt size control , Transpose , Transpose lfo&amount, Start position and Phase lock button controls. Second is Granular with Density, Duration ,pitch&position randomization, Transpose , Transpose lfo&amount, Start position controls . 5 Lfos for Transposes , Start Positions and Filter. 2 little knobs near LFOs is note reset(bottom) and BPM synk(top). 7 LFO waveforms, 1 and 2 is from loaded wav files buffer. From both slots signals goes to mix section Slot1 and Slot2, aswell true FFT cross and morph mixers. Part of tables loaded to CrossFM and CrossPM sections on bottom left to make evolving FM & PM sounds. Fm&Pm can be mixed to FFT section as well. On Bottom right is filter(HP,BP,LP), reverb send and Gate send to make gated midi parts.

New in 1.84

fixed: After reload in project sometimes scrubber not work properly. jump artefacts on note start.

code is optimized

New in 1.83 :

Preset system reworked to final stage) single file with all data for easy share. New controls for Granular synthesis , Dur. Lock locking granules size to Density in way they never overlap. G. Trans transposition with note for granules size to play in scale. Fm & Pm synthesis buffer size smooth change, no clicks when Fm&Pm during wav scan. declick envelope on buffer.

nice and cool presets coming soon)


Manual pdf is here , Lite version with reduced functionality is FREE (old version)

70 Euro