Updated to 2.1: Input knob on bands boost compression now, new Sensitivity control.

DDPressor 2.0 is released: Gate,Clipper,Saturation per Band. Gui and code optimizations. 2 versions in pack, Normal and Minimum Latency(no ahead control), ML version is lighter and better situated for mixing.

Updated to 1.3: Saturation per Band added.

Updated to 1.2 : Better visualization, new presets, 2 versions in pack, 0 Latency and full, splitters can freely move overs spectre, turn on and off whole band , or keep just one to have single band processing.

DDpressor is dynamics scalpel in your hands to control any dynamic aspect of processing audio. 4 bands , 3 splits with 3 split algorithms . Compress, Limit, Gate or Expand each band.Saturation per band. Selective frequency Sidechain, External Sidechain for each band. Clean interface with nice visual representation of processing. Right mouse button to control parameter on all bands simultaneously. Hold Ctrl for precise control.

PC (vst,vst3),Mac(vst3,AU),Linux(vst).

Price 50Eur Download DEMO

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