Updated to 1.04 Vst3 version for Mac. Stability improved, one cycle waveforms preloaded on plugin start. New link button to tweak all slots.

Updated to 1.03: Various stability fixes, preparation for bigger update.

Glittraot 1.01 is released:

granule reverse added, drag n drop wav&aiff fixed, many code optimization.

Glittraot is Granular Synthesizer and Drum Machine. 8 sample slots freely assignable to 8 Granular processors. Each Granular processor has independent output in your DAW, or they all go to outputs 1-2 through compressor (boost) and clipper. Glittraot has build in mini sequencer for each processor with note repetitions and pitch shift ( right Mouse click on sequencer). Each processor assigned to selectable midi channel , assign few processors on same channel for layering. Channel 1 notes from c-2 to c-1(white keys) controls each processor in Drum mode. Randomize each processor all all of them, use right mouse button to change Params on all processor relatively.


Price 71Eur(tax included)

Manual Video

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