Updated to 1.03 , fixed plugin get silent when reload project with OVRX set to 0.

updated to 1.01 , fixed crash on oversampling factor change.

Sqwizard 1.0 is out!

Sqwizard is Compressor/Limiter/Clipper combined and tuned to squeeze as much audio juice as possible without distortion and jump out peaks, but preserve transients. Mix button for parallel workout, Mode button to control Attack and Release all together,Out button set output level,Ovrx button control oversampling factor up to 16x,Sqwiz button to squeeze audio juice.

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Updated to 1.04 Vst3 version for Mac. Stability improved, one cycle waveforms preloaded on plugin start. New link button to tweak all slots.

Updated to 1.03: Various stability fixes, preparation for bigger update.

Glittraot 1.01 is released:

granule reverse added, drag n drop wav&aiff fixed, many code optimization.

Glittraot is Granular Synthesizer and Drum Machine. 8 sample slots freely assignable to 8 Granular processors. Each Granular processor has independent output in your DAW, or they all go to outputs 1-2 through compressor (boost) and clipper. Glittraot has build in mini sequencer for each processor with note repetitions and pitch shift ( right Mouse click on sequencer). Each processor assigned to selectable midi channel , assign few processors on same channel for layering. Channel 1 notes from c-2 to c-1(white keys) controls each processor in Drum mode. Randomize each processor all all of them, use right mouse button to change Params on all processor relatively.


Price 71Eur(tax included)

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Dark Synergy

updated to 1.2: Stability increased, VST3 and AU, More Fat Drive Algorithm.

Band limited oscillator produce fat sound without digital harsh even when hardly modulated, 16 unison voices with bunch of spread controls and volume and pitch shift per voice. 16 max polyphony so in total 16×16 if your computer is up to) good for FM, good for bass line, good for pads and chords. programing by Kindzadza, skin design by MimicVat.

Price : 50 Eur

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Updated 2.6

Stability fixes, possible bug when sample not reloads with project.

Updated 2.5

GUI improvements, minimum distance between nodes reduced, Zoom up to 8x.

Updated 2.31

crash on macOS when loading preset fixed. before update remove DDKick2 manually from Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST and Components.

Updated to 2.3

Presets browser added, new knob to change frequency of all nodes.

Solid kick drum synthesizer with very flexible design. Precise control of nodes in frequency and milliseconds .4 custom envelopes to control Frequency, Amplitude, Clipper and Distortion mix, Sample Amplitude. Loop mode for breaks and experimental sounds. Add nodes, delete nodes, change curvature with mouse. Set Base frequency to be sure where is low end. Single preset file for easy share.

PC(vst,vst3), Mac(vst,AU), Linux(vst, need csound installation) available.

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Updated to 2.4: Added Oversampling 4x switcher, new Distortion mode, new Reverberation algorithm, switcher to rout Reverb before Distortion, Reverb and LFO speed Animation, GUI fixes and optimizations.

MentalV is experimental plugin for Pc and MacOS , it grabs audio buffer from input and apply scanning granularization with pitch shift and reverberation. sound is very wild, check demo)

Main controls is Transpose, to transpose audio. Density, amount of granules, BPM lock synt it to BPM. Position Scan, scanning of audio buffer. Duration, granules duration, Dur.Lock mare granules size depend from Density so they not ovrlap. A,D,R is control of rise decay and release of single granules, this control is subtle, exist to prevent clicks. Lfo for Transpose and Scan also available. small buttons near Big buttons is stereo shift of parameter. Animation is animate few parameters realtime, speed of animation A time, Anim SH samplehold animation synked with bpm. RND momentary randomization of parameters. During Animation, animated parameters not available for control. BUffer, suze of buffer to hold audio. Freeze))

PC(vst,vst3) , Mac(vst,AU) , Linux(vst)

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DDPressor udpated to 4.02: Stereo field controll button not reloads with project, vst3 now working on Mac/Ableton.

DDPressor updated to 4.01. Possible bug when look not working properly. Added Tmod button for time shift Audio. Fixed bug vst3 on Mac, Ableton(maybe some other Daws) does not see plugin.

DDPressor updated to V4. Reworked split algos, new saturation algos, Stereo image+Haas per band.

Updated to 3.01 , fixed crash on oversampling factor change.

DDpressor is dynamics scalpel in your hands to control any dynamic aspect of processing audio. 2 Compression algorithms, 4 bands , 3 splits with 4 split algorithms .Gate,Manipulate Stereo field, Saturate, Compress, Clip per band. Up to 16x Oversampling .Selective frequency Sidechain, External Sidechain for each band. Clean interface with nice visual representation of processing. Right mouse button to control parameter on all bands simultaneously. Hold Ctrl for precise control.

PC (vst,vst3),Mac(vst3,AU),Linux(vst).

Price 89Eur Download DEMO

DDZynth, first vst synthesizer with Oversampled Synthesis

Updated to 2.910. Additive synthesis reworked to produce chords up to 24 notes. Some chords preprogrammed, custom chord editor added.

Updated to 2.901 .Fixed: Some params not reloads with project. Envelope editing can lead to crash after reload with project. Smoother presets switching.Added:Some Factory preset updated. New Preset Pack FMLeeds. VSt3 version form Mac.

DDZynth updated to 2.9. Fixed random crashes on opening, reload in project problem with sample rates different from 44khz and other reloads problems. Fixed graphics glithes on high CPU load. added Filters for chorus/flanger. New Factory3 preset pack.

Updated to 2.5

this is BIG update. many new fixes to make workflow more efficient. Assign modulation with right mouse click, click on mod slot, hold, point to parameter.
new parameter monitoring, Panic button to stop sound. GUI resize. New settings to set folders for forms, presets and wavs. by default present and forms installs on windows to program files/KINDZAudio/DDZynth25, on mac to Users/Shared/KINDZAudio. you can move and set new folders in settings. This version installs as NEW synth, keep old one in case you have it in DAW project. presets saved from old version(2) is compatible with 2.5.

Granular, FFT, Cross Frequency modulation, Cross Phase modulation, Terrain, Additive synthesises on board give wast possibilities for sound experiments , flexible modulation matrix with more then 100 parameters to modulate, Custom Waves slots to draw your wave with mouse and morph with few tools, or sample slots to drop wave samples to use in oscillators or as modulation source, custom build reverb is same as Kuber Space. Different wave shaping and distortion algos, Custom Wave as a shaper. 5 LFOs assignable to more than 100 params, sync, note sh, envelope modes . Modern, intuitive design and eyes friendly colors. Top sound quality guaranteed.

Cross FM/PM Synthesis with cross sync, phase and buffer(wave length) control
Terrain Synthesis , super formula cycles to ride 2 wave forms , independent cycles or cross cycles, AM modulation. unique sounds!
Additive synthesis, first wave is source, second pitch and third is amplitude characteristics.
Granular synthesis

64bit VST and VST3 for Windows, VST and AU for MAC, VST for Linux available.

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Updated to 2.1: Various stability fixes.

Released v2.0: Visual and code enhancements, density control added.

Updated 1.41: Visual cleanup.

Updated to 1.4: Memory leak fixed, code optimized, New knobs & Gui , new factory presets.

KuberSpace is experimental reverberation plugin based on custom build algorithm . it can produce very beautiful and rich reverberation. sidechain reverberation to dry signal, modulate reverberation, mid/side adjust reverberation. it sounds very special and deep.

price is 30Eur Try Demo


DDZynth 1.84

FFT, Granular, Wavetable ,Fm and Pm Sampler instrument, Vst, Vst3 for Windows and Vst & AU for Mac is available Now. 2 Sample slots to drug n drop or open with knob WAV files. scan true sample with mouse click, with right button smooth scan. On top in FFT processor with FFt size control , Transpose , Transpose lfo&amount, Start position and Phase lock button controls. Second is Granular with Density, Duration ,pitch&position randomization, Transpose , Transpose lfo&amount, Start position controls . 5 Lfos for Transposes , Start Positions and Filter. 2 little knobs near LFOs is note reset(bottom) and BPM synk(top). 7 LFO waveforms, 1 and 2 is from loaded wav files buffer. From both slots signals goes to mix section Slot1 and Slot2, aswell true FFT cross and morph mixers. Part of tables loaded to CrossFM and CrossPM sections on bottom left to make evolving FM & PM sounds. Fm&Pm can be mixed to FFT section as well. On Bottom right is filter(HP,BP,LP), reverb send and Gate send to make gated midi parts.

New in 1.84

fixed: After reload in project sometimes scrubber not work properly. jump artefacts on note start.

code is optimized

New in 1.83 :

Preset system reworked to final stage) single file with all data for easy share. New controls for Granular synthesis , Dur. Lock locking granules size to Density in way they never overlap. G. Trans transposition with note for granules size to play in scale. Fm & Pm synthesis buffer size smooth change, no clicks when Fm&Pm during wav scan. declick envelope on buffer.

nice and cool presets coming soon)


Manual pdf is here , Lite version with reduced functionality is FREE (old version)

70 Euro