Updated to 1.1 : Visualization was broken when Look ahead more then 0. Fixed.

DDpressor is dynamics scalpel in your hands to control any dynamic aspect of processing audio. 4 bands , 3 splits with 4 split algorithms each, 1Pole for clean split , Butterwoth, Chebyshev, Chebyshev 2 for harmonics rich split . Compress, Limit, Gate or Expand each band. Selective frequency Sidechain, External Sidechain for each band. Clean interface with nice visual representation of processing. Right mouse button to control parameter on all bands simultaneously. Hold Ctrl for precise control.

Price 50Eur Download DEMO

DDZynth 2

Updated to 2.3

Terrain and Granular algorithms optimization. Granular works right with different sample rates. New Terrain controls, new Mod destinations.

Updated to 2.2

New settings menu with background color controls, new terrain controls, drag n drop presets to interface(bottom part) ,code&look optimizations.

Updated to 2.11

Smoother waveform drawing , new Chorus effect.

Updated to 2.1

Tighter midi timing, Buffers modulation fixed, LFO2 and LFO3 Amt modulation fixed.

code optimized.

updated to 2.01 , LFO visuals fixed, some LFO ranges adjusted, more presets added.

DDZynth 2 is here and its awesome)

Granular, FFT, Cross Frequency modulation, Cross Phase modulation, Terrain, Additive synthesises on board give wast possibilities for sound experiments , flexible modulation matrix with more then 100 parameters to modulate, Custom Waves slots to draw your wave with mouse and morph with few tools, or sample slots to drop wave samples to use in oscillators or as modulation source, custom build reverb is same as Kuber Space. Different wave shaping and distortion algos, Custom Wave as a shaper. 5 LFOs assignable to more than 100 params, sync, note sh, envelope modes . Modern, intuitive design and eyes friendly colors. Top sound quality guaranteed.

Cross FM/PM Synthesis with cross sync, phase and buffer(wave length) control
Terrain Synthesis , super formula cycles to ride 2 wave forms , independent cycles or cross cycles, AM modulation. unique sounds!
Additive synthesis, first wave is source, second pitch and third is amplitude characteristics.
Granular and FFT synthesis

64bit VST and VST3 for Windows, VST and AU for MAC available.

Price is 95 Try DEMO


Updated to 1.6

in Zoom mode Amp and AmpFX works correct now, separate and precise controls for each node. new GUI

Updated to 1.5

Tighter midi timing , cleaner interface.

Updated to 1.4

fixed : Envelope point jump on mouse click, smoother display.

added: Base frequency Note selection

updated to 1.3

stability update, performance fix, new demo mode: working for 3 minutes.

updated to 1.2

in zoom > 1 can add and remove points now. waveform display works better now.

updated to 1.1

sample start point control, sample is looping now, some points jump out of control fixed.

DDkick 1.0 is here) Solid kick drum synthesizer with very flexible design. 4 custom envelopes to control Frequency, Amplitude, Clipper and Distortion mix, Sample Amplitude. Loop mode for breaks and experimental sounds. Add points, delete points, change Curvature with mouse. Set Base frequency to be sure where is low end. Single preset file for easy share. In demo mode working 3 minutes. in demo mode Sampler and AmpFx is locked.

get demo

Buy DDKick for 50Eur.

KuberSpace 1.2

KuberSpace is experimental reverberation plugin based on custom build algorithm . it can produce very beautiful and rich reverberation. sidechain reverberation to dry signal, modulate reverberation, mid/side adjust reverberation. it sounds very special and deep.

price is 30Eur Try Demo



Version 2.1 is here, totally new , reworked stereo image beast with room simulation

Stereo Image plugin, make super wide stereo effect , combination of 3 algorithms , phase shift(P) , comb delay(D) and room simulation. Room parameters can be randomized. UberWide button Cancels Midside . Awailable for PC (VST,VST3) and Mac(Vst,Au).

price is 25 Euro



there was click issues in 2.2, its fixed.

updated to 2.2, granules window algorithm selection, LFO bpm sync, SH LFO mode, optimizations, new skin. Demo mode available to try(noise every 10 seconds).

updated to version 2.1 with lots of refinements and enhancements.

MentalV is experimental plugin for Pc and MacOS , it grabs audio buffer from input and apply scanning granularization with pitch shift and reverberation. sound is very wild, check demo)

Main controls is Transpose, to transpose audio. Density, amount of granules, BPM lock synt it to BPM. Position Scan, scanning of audio buffer. Duration, granules duration, Dur.Lock mare granules size depend from Density so they not ovrlap. A,D,R is control of rise decay and release of single granules, this control is subtle, exist to prevent clicks. Lfo for Transpose and Scan also available. small buttons near Big buttons is stereo shift of parameter. Animation is animate few parameters realtime, speed of animation A time, Anim SH samplehold animation synked with bpm. RND momentary randomization of parameters. During Animation, animated parameters not available for control. BUffer, suze of buffer to hold audio. Freeze))

intro price is 40 Euro Download DEMO