Updated to 2.21

Performance fixes, Reload in project fixes. vst3 fixes.

Updated to 2.2

Precise node movement with “Shift”. VST3 issue on Windows is fixed.

Updated to 2.1

Velocity responsive.

Updated to 2.0

Performance fixes, cleaner GUI.

Updated to 1.81

Fine tune knobs works fine now.

Updated to 1.8

openGL support, fixed midi instability.

Solid kick drum synthesizer with very flexible design. Precise control of nodes in frequency and milliseconds .4 custom envelopes to control Frequency, Amplitude, Clipper and Distortion mix, Sample Amplitude. Loop mode for breaks and experimental sounds. Add nodes, delete nodes, change curvature with mouse. Set Base frequency to be sure where is low end. Single preset file for easy share.

PC(vst,vst3), Mac(vst,AU), Linux(vst, need csound installation) available.

get demo

Buy DDKick for 50Eur.

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  1. Hope more plugin works on MAC. I really like the design and the sound!!!!!! But I use Logic. Sorry, I know you use Cubase and that new DAW, and maybe you don’t care. But we Logic people kind of also stays with Logic in a way in a way that really hard to change … But I like your design. I already got the one effect you made works with AU. but what about the rest?

    anyway, this one is really good, I watched the youtube link, very good! just hope I can use it.
    that’s it.

    your family person request !!

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